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Jensen and Jared: A Matter of Respect


It has taken me awhile to figure out how I wanted to handle this issue in a productive fashion (as compared to stirring up a hornet's nest of wank in the middle of our fandom), but I've finally decided what I want to do.


As many of y'all know, me and many of my closest LJ friends have been utterly appalled and deeply outraged at what we see as a growing trend of disrespect for Jensen and Jared as people in the very fandom that professes to adore them for being the genuinely good and generous guys they are. Because many of y'all have expressed similar feelings, along with a general sense of helplessness as to how to effectively address this issue without exposing yourself to attacks for voicing an opinion on the subject, I've created an icon for the taking and sharing to encourage fan support of the idea of RESPECT becoming the new buzzword for Supernatural fandom.

So here's the deal, folks:

Please: Take this icon and show your support of the idea behind it by USING it. Circulate it. Post it to your own LJ for your flisters to find and use. Post it anywhere and everywhere that Supernatural fan activity takes place and encourage others to use it to show their support of the idea that Jensen and Jared deserve to be treated with RESPECT by their fans.

Please Do Not: Affiliate this icon with any specific issue you find disrespectful. This won't work if it becomes a lightning rod for any individual issue. It isn't designed to create partisanship within the fandom that will only serve to encourage wank and other divisive, fandom-destructive activity. Rather, this is an effort to UNIFY all Supernatural fans behind a single idea: treating the stars of the show we love with the RESPECT they are due.

Because seriously, my friends: Respect = Love.


So the whole concept is really very simple: The more people who use this icon, the more the message spreads.

So please, help me out here. Show a little love for Jensen and Jared in a way that communicates our solidarity as a fandom behind the simple idea that the guys deserve to be treated with RESPECT by their fans; and that all our many and varied expressions of fannish appreciation for what they do should reflect this one, simple, basic ideal.

The icon doesn't require credit. Take it, use it, pass it on. Send a message. Stand up and be counted. If it matters to you, show it. Certainly, it matters to me, which is why it's becoming my default icon for a while. Because right now? I'm not feeling the love in Supernatural fandom, and the reason I'm not is the disrespect being shown to the stars of the show I love. I'd like to change that for the better. Help me. Please.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming ...


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